Bedtime stories

If you’re looking for dis-n-ey this isnt it. Be forewarned.

Although you wont find anything explicit on this blog, just words about adult bedtime stories, its still not a good idea to be viewing the page if you intended on seeing something totally different.

I write adult bedtime stories for adults. My works are my own. I feel compelled to write erotica and recently started up carnalblue.com so i could do just that. I have been in the adult industry for years and as my children grow older, i can’t be posting dirty pictures all the time, so writing is the next best thing for me.

I can write the naughty stories and not have to worry about my children seeing something they shouldnt be seeing. They’re pretty young so them picking up on particular phrases isnt a worry. by the time they get old enough to read my writings over my shoulder, hopefully they wont be and i will have my own office space to write my erotic fiction in.

Tonight I am taking a break from writing my adult bedtime stories. I have a few other more mainstream projects in the works which i am excited about too. Plus taking a break from writing smut stories is a good idea, because its so easy to burn out , especially for someone with add, like me.

I hope that you, if you are an adult, will go and subscribe to my adult bedtime stories blog – carnal blue and leave feed-back on my adult stories.


Naughty bedtime stories

What makes a good naughty story? I really dont know for certain as i am just starting to write a series of erotic stories myself.

However when I sit down and write, the words, so far just seem to flow right on to the page. I enjoy writing erotic stories as they give me a creative outlet, plus erotic stories do not have to be majorly long. As a sufferer.. and i do mean SUFFERER of add.. i have a hard time focusing on one thing very long.

I painstakingly read thru articles and drive myself batty trying to figure out how i could make money online. I am trying my best to maintain a positive outlook on my site carnalblue.com.

How did i come up with the name carnal blue? Well i was looking for a naughty name for a domain and i found an online thesaurus and while i didnt want anything too hardcore in the name, i wanted something clever and brandable, so carnal blue was born. put the two words together.. and at first i thought wow kinda sounds like carnival.. a domain for carnival cruises. lol

but i had a really cool blog theme created for me and a cartoon to match and within a week my dirty story site was up and i was writing my naughty bedtime stories. I have so far been able to pump out 5 good adult stories and i hope to sit down and write another tonight.

I dont think all of my erotic stories need to be really long and drawn out but i like having a little bit of plot to my adult bedtime stories. maybe its just a female thing. and im a female btw.

If your an adult and you like reading dirty stories then check out www.carnalblue.com and maybe you will find something you like there. You wont find these naughty bedtime stories anywhere else. I write them, i post them and i share them for free until i get a huge amount written.